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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Milk Jug at 800 Yards

This fall I decided it was time to mix things up a little bit.  It's been more than a year that I've been shooting steel at 1000 yards and making videos. I've wanted to shoot further but finding a good location can be a challenge. In lieu of more distance I change to a more dynamic target: water filled milk jugs. 

This trip I had the pleasure of taking my brother-in-law Barry Sims, retired NFL left tackle and his step brother Michael a veteran of the Marine Corps out for some long range fun.

After some trouble finding the spot we nearly got rained out. A nasty storm cell blew in and back out in just minutes but left us soaked and seeking retreat in the truck. 

After it blew over we ventured out and were glad we did. The shooting was superb and we got the video to match. My first video featuring slow motion. 

"Long Range Shooting 800 yards vs Milk Jugs"

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