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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Why he's a moron shooting 996 yards

Took my idiot friend Colton out to try his hand at long range. We arrive after 45 minutes of driving to the spot and Colton informs me that his wife wants him back home in 1.5 hours. Leaving us about 30 minutes to shoot. I wanted to kill him. We hustled to set up the target and head up the hill. After setting up the rifle we noticed something troubling. There were two bird hunters and a dog wandering about 150 yards to the side of the target. Not good. 

Frustrated we drove back down to the target, picked up our steel and heading further up the canyon in a last ditch effort to at least make a few long range shots. The condition were not ideal as we had to pack the 60 lbs target down a shale slide just off the road then scramble back up to the truck. Not a situation you want to rush thru. With only 20 minutes left until we had to leave to preserve Colton's marriage we took a few shots. Here is the result. 

I'll never take him again. 

He recently invited me to go test out his new Springfield XD-9 Sub Compact. He claims he has a spot here his home that we can shoot that wouldn't require 4WD. Turns out he wrong...again. He ops to use his dads work truck, an old Chevy 2500. Due to drifting snow we get stuck not 3 ft off of the pavement which just happens to be a main road thru town. Not an ideal spot to get stuck when trying to shoot guns in a area that is a questionable distance from homes. 

Thus I named this video "Moron shoots 996 yards" 

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